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Examples for hiking paths in the Dolomites

Following you will find some examples for hikes in the beautiful Dolomites. Choose from this vast offer, hike through splendid landscapes and regain strength.
You can choose from easy and comfortable, or challenging routes. You can choose short routes or decide to go for a day-trip. Hike in the valley or on high alpine paths - here you'll always breathe fresh mountain air and hike through the most beautiful areas with wonderful views.
The Hiking folder contains more variations and a map (download 9.0 MB). The Alta Pusteria hiking guides can provide you with useful tips and some interesting anecdotes.

Hiking Dolomites

Round Tour of the Three Peaks

Point of departure: Auronzo Hut (2,320 m)
Walking time: 4 hours
Requirements: stamina required; slightly demanding
Sightseeing: view of the world-renowned Three Peaks
Possible stops: Locatelli Hut, Auronzo Hut, Lavaredo Hut, "Lange Alpe" Hut
From the Auronzo Hut along the southern side of the Three Peaks and along path no. 101, past the Lavaredo Hut (2,344 m) and on a slight ascent to Forcella Lavaredo (2,454 m). First, a splendid view of the 500 m high north walls of the Three Peaks (up to here also for untrained hikers). Slight downhill gradient to the fork:
a) easy ascent to Locatelli Hut (2,405 m)
b) continuing downwards to the left after sign-post no. 105 you soon get to path no. 102, coming up from the Rienza Valley. Via path no. 105 (left) slightly ascending to the "Lange Alpe" Hut and past the Lang-Alpe Lake and hiking around the Three Peaks to the west and to the Auronzo Hut.

Moos - Klammbachalm
Walking time: 2 ½ hours
Sign-post: red-white-red No. 13;
Difference in altitude: 600 m;
Mostly forest paths, minor gradient.
An asphalt path leading onto a forest path starts left of the church in Moos. The path leads along the ravine of the Sesto River and through dense spruce forests. Now and again you can enjoy a free view of the Sesto Dolomites. After about 2 hours your reach the border of the Alpe Nemes, the Saumahd. At the high wayside cross, an old forest mark, a flat path leads to the Alpe Nemes Hut. On the left, a good hiking path leads to Klammbachalm Hut.

  • Hiking on the different routes in the Dolomites.Take a break with the wonderful view on the mountains.

Burg - Waldkapelle (forest chapel) - Sesto
Walking time: 3 hours
Via Freising Road you reach the "Castle" ("Burg" a forest plateau south-east of San Candido). At the diversion turn left, and follow the sign-post to "Waldkapelle" (Forest Chapel - no. 4/5) to the right turn off no. 4d to the Forest Chapel. From here on the sign-posted reflection path to "Ladstäterhof" farm and to the Lourdes Chapel and to the Hösslerhöfen farms. Here you cross the Kaiserstraße road and walk along the forest river to Sexten, or take the asphalted Kaiserstraße road to Sesto after the Hösslerhöfen farms.

Corno di Fana Dobbiaco (2,663 m)
Due to the special position between the Central Alps and the Dolomites a very popular panoramic mountain.
Point of departure: Candelle harbour, Valle San Silvestro, 1,600 m
Difference in altitude: 1,063 m
Sign-post: Ascent no. 25 (via Bonner Hut); descent no. 25° (via the alpine pasture)
Walking time: Ascent 3.5 hours
Requirements: challenging hike
Sightseeing: The round view from the peak of the Corno di Fana
Possible stop: Bonner Hut, Seiterhof in Candelle
After the gate in Candelle on a wide path across the Calvo River and continue to the right until the mountain path starts to the left. Through turns past the public Bonner Hut directly to the summit at 2,663 m. Ascent via path no. 25 or the pasture (no. 25A) back to the point of departure.

Picco di Vallandro (2,839 m)
Point of departure: Prato Piazza (2,000 m), July to September bus shuttle from Ponticello and limited car traffic
Sign-post: No. 40
Challenge: moderately demanding; secure step and no fear of heights are prerequisites
Walking time: approx. 3 hours from Prato Piazza car park to the summit
Route: From Prato Piazza car park along a gravel road to the Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese alpine guesthouse. Between the guesthouse and Hotel Hohe Gaisl turn left onto the wide path leading through fields in an easterly direction. Hike upwards to the crossing Dolomites Hiking Path no. 3. Now in a northerly direction up the steep, rocky walls of the Picco di Vallandro south-western wall along some turns and continue on gravel to the rocky summit. After a small ridge you'll get to a short section secured with a steel rope. From here the ascent to the summit is easy.
Descent: on the same path

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